Behind the Tees: Loretta, Dolly, Patsy

Shelby Yates

Hey, Friends! Welcome to the first installment of the Behind the Tees series to give y’all a little background to why we sell what we do, specifically, the tees. First up, the Loretta, Dolly, Patsy tee! You may or may not have noticed that the LDP is a staple around here. Honestly, this was the very first tee I bought myself from another website and fell in LOVE with how comfy and soft it was. That was literally YEARS ago. I actually wore that one out so much I had to buy another one a year ago. Quality is also another factor. When I say I wore it out, I wore. It. Out. But it took probably 8 years until it got to the point I couldn’t wear it in public. Next, the meaning behind the tee. Broadly, Country music. I grew up around country music. Loretta, Dolly, and Patsy were household names. That tee reminds me of my childhood. Listening to my family playing music. Listening in awe to Dolly Parton singing on TV. Visiting Loretta Lynn’s ranch in Tennessee. (FUN FACT: I bought a locket that used to belong to her while we were there. IM STILL NOT OVER IT. But that’s another story. And if you want to read more about that trip lemme know in the comments 👍🏻) To me, this isn’t just a t-shirt. The three amazing women featured on this tee hold so many special memories that I wanted to share with the world.

And, no lie, I want to be Dolly Parton when I grow up!




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